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Revolutionizing Sales Processes with Seamless CPQ Integrations

When it comes to pricing complex manufacturing products, precision, flexibility, and agility are crucial. Mercura's CPQ Pricing solution equips manufacturers with the tools they need to serve their customers with confidence, delivering accurate, instant, and first-time-right prices for every product configuration choice.

The challenge of
Information Silos

Many organizations struggle with siloed and poorly governed data.

Vital information is often scattered across PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PIM (Product Information Management), CPQ, and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems. This dispersion leads to critical business decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data, impacting both internal operations and customer experiences.

How we help you
address these challenges

  • 01 System-Agnostic Integration Philosophy

    The system-agnostic approach ensures seamless connectivity with various enterprise systems, adapting to the client's existing technology stack and preventing the need to conform to a specific system.

  • 02 Syncing Product Data from PLM to CPQ

    Clients benefit from the automation of data transfer from their PLM system to Mercura CPQ, ensuring that sales representatives consistently configure accurate and up-to-date solutions, showcasing the latest product features.

  • 03 Managing Base Prices in CPQ

    Clients can define pricing rules in CPQ while dynamically importing pricing data from separate systems, such as price management or ERP, ensuring that sales representatives consistently provide accurate quotes and safeguard deal margins.

  • 04 Optimizing Quotes with ERP Data

    The API for Product Modeling empowers clients to incorporate valuable data from ERP and supply chain systems into their CPQ product model, helping build optimal deals for customers by considering factors like lead times.

  • 05 Data Import Automation

    Clients can streamline data flows, collect, validate, and automatically release volatile data into their CPQ sales tool, reducing the need for human intervention, increasing business agility, and minimizing errors in quotes and orders.

  • 06 Automated Sales Orders in ERP

    After deal agreement, the CPQ system ensures that every configured product is suitable for production and profitability, automatically sending a correct sales Bill-of-Material to the ERP, reducing costs associated with order handling and minimizing errors.

Tailored integrations for
your CRM

Mercura CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Mercura CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate CPQ seamlessly with Dynamics 365, your preferred CRM tool. Use CPQ outputs in Dynamics 365, enhancing your CRM capabilities. This integration is customizable and hosted in Mercura CPQ

Mercura CPQ for Salesforce

Mercura CPQ for Salesforce

Leverage the power of CPQ In Salesforce Sales/Community Cloud. Use CPQ outputs in Salesforce, including transactions and sales forecasting. This integration is customizable and hosted in Mercura CPQ.

Mercura CPQ for Hubspot

Mercura CPQ for Hubspot

Mercura CPQ seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, empowering businesses to unite marketing and sales efforts. This integration enables real-time data synchronization, comprehensive insights, and streamlined collaboration, ultimately driving more effective marketing campaigns and sales processes. Unlock the power of data synergy with Mercura CPC's HubSpot integration.

Mercura CPQ for Visma Business

Mercura CPQ for Visma Business

Mercura CPQ's integration with Visma Business ERP streamlines business operations. It facilitates seamless data flow between sales and ERP systems, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. With this integration, businesses can automate processes, reduce errors, and optimize order fulfillment, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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