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We are very dedicate about growing your businss with the help of software

Mercura is a software business that develops and maintain a core software product that can be customized to the individual business’ wishes.

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Mercura Config

Mercura Config

A product configurator is a great sales tool where you can let your customers and sellers configure your products in either 2D or 3D and obtain an offer.

Mercura Quote

Mercura Quote

Set up amazing and uniform offers both of internal sellers and external agents with Mercura Config. Make great offers faster and easier.

Mercura Automate

Mercura Automate

Are you tired af manuel typing and trivial work processes? Mercura Automate can automate your manuel work.

Mercura Shop

Mercura Shop

Improve your sales process and allow your customers and co-workers to buy your products online. The webshop integrates with your additional systems.


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Software can optimize SMEs substantialy

Mercura started with the idéer that a modern supply chain can be made much more efficient with the help of software solution. Our goal is to digitize  and connect all interaction between a customer and a seller. No matter if you need a B2B Webshop, an online product configurator, an offer system to take care of agents/seller or an automation of trivial work processes like reading a purchase order then we can with the help of modern optimize it.

The heads of Mercura 

Meet the heads of Mercura

Martin Johansen - Mercura

Martin Johansen

Employee & CEO


Hans Lübeck - Mercura

Hans Lübeck

Employee & CTO


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