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What is augmented reality?

Explore the world of augmented reality, where digital information is seamlessly integrated into the physical world.

Configurator - Mercura

What is a configurator?

Experience the convenience and flexibility of using a configurator to customize and personalize your product choices.

CPQ - Mercura

What is CPQ?

Streamline your sales process with our powerful CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software

Room Planner

What is a Floor Planner?

Create floor plans, visualize different furniture arrangements with various decor styles all in one easy-to-use platform.

Room Planner - Mercura

What is a product configurator?

Easily customize and personalize your products with our advanced product configurator.

Room Planner - Mercura

What is a Room Planner?

Design your dream space with ease using our interactive room planner in both 2D and 3D.

Room Designer - Mercura

What is a Room Designer?

Transform any room in your home with our intuitive room designer tool in 2D or in 3D.

Virtual Showroom - Mercura

What is a Virtual Showroom?

Experience the convenience and flexibility of browsing and shopping in a virtual showroom.


What is Merkura?

Merkura or rather Mercura. We grow business with online sales tool such as product configurators.

3D Visualizations - Mercura

What are 3D Visualizations?

3D visualization provides a dynamic and interactive representation of data, allowing for enhanced exploration and understanding of complex information.

3D Animations - Mercura

What are 3D Animations?

3D animations bring designs, models, and characters to life through the creation of smooth, flowing movements in a digitally generated environment.

3D Renderings - Mercura

What are 3D Renderings?

3D renderings are photo-realistic images or videos created by using computer graphics software to simulate light and material properties for an accurate representation of a 3D model.

3D Modelling - Mercura

What is 3D Modelling?

3D modelling is the process of creating a virtual representation of a three-dimensional object, scene, or structure using specialized software.

Configurator - Mercura

What is Visual CPQ?

Visual CPQ streamlines product configuration and quoting by integrating 2D/3D visualizations, enhancing customer engagement, reducing errors, and expediting sales.

CPQ - Mercura

What is a Sales Configurator?

Sales Configurators are digital tools that allow businesses to customize and quote products efficiently, enhancing customer experience and sales processes.