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Eskesen wanted a sales tool on the website where internal sales people, customers and dealers could design and configure pens and key tags in 2D. The configurator had to be made with an admin panel where they can change the products themselves and get an overview of all the customers’ configurations and quotation requests.

In addition, the configurator had to be integrated with the ERP-system XAL to optimize the following work processes:

– Create orders automatically in XAL
– Retrieve customer-specific price lists and provide the option of re-ordering previous orders
– Calculate shipping prices through both UPS and GLS
– Generation of customer logins


We have developed a product configurator for Eskesen, which sequentially takes the user through the choices that must be made in connection with the creation of a pen or a key tag. It includes the choice of type, color, clips and the option to choose front and back panels yourself with either predefined images or upload your own motifs.

All quotation requests are displayed in an admin panel, where the products can also be changed.

The product configurator is an excellent sales tool that ensures a more systematic sales process, improves the quality of offers and provides a deeper insight into customer needs, which can be used for marketing and product development in the future. In addition, it is integrated with XAl, which optimizes the work processes at Eskesen.
All these things ensure that you achieve a high ROI with a Mercura Config solution.

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Customer testimonial:

“Mercura has in a noble way fulfilled our wishes for a new product configurator, where customers can upload their own design for a Floating Action pen or an acrylic key ring. Files with the customer’s design can either be uploaded in the correct format or via a drag ‘n drop feature, where the motif is automatically scaled so that it fits into the product. The customer can also choose from pre-uploaded files with artwork. The product configurator allows customers to choose the product, clips and pipe colors, etc. Once the design is created, customers can choose to see their motif in a different product and/or in a different tube color. Furthermore, the customer can email the design to himself or to his customer. We have had an ongoing dialogue during the project and Mercura have been good at reaching out if there have been a few things that needed reviewed an extra time before they went ahead with the project. The product configurator was finished within the agreed time and we and our customers are very satisfied with the finished result.”

– Susanne Olsen Christensen, Sales & Marketing, Eskesen ApS

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