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Lindab Garage Door Configurator

Lindab Garage Door Configurator

Birgitte Kjær Hansen

Birgitte Kjær Hansen

Marketing Manager, Lindab A/S

Mercura is highly professional!

A big recommendation to Mercura and their team. They are highly professional and very good at gaining an overview of complex product constraints and pricing logic. Our configurator is very good at visualizing our garage doors which gives us a shorter time to market, makes us more accesible for customers and has helped us optimize internal sales processes, which will help us grow our business.



Long sales cycles

Lindab is a leading manufacturing company specializing in ventilation and building products. In recent years, they have experienced strong growth, resulting in a more time-consuming sales process.

As a building product manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges you may face in your sales process is the lack of a configuration tool that allows customers to customize their own garage doors. Without the assistance of such tools, your sales team may need to invest significant time and effort into designing a garage door from scratch in order to meet the customers’ specific needs and preferences.

The absence of a configuration tool can make the sales process more complex and time-consuming. Your sales team or dealers may need to communicate back and forth with customers multiple times to gather all the necessary information about the features and specifications they want in their garage door. This can lead to longer sales cycles, increased costs, and a higher risk of errors and misunderstandings.



Beautiful visualization

Lindab has got a very intuitive configurator which helps end-users and dealers visualize and concretize their solutions on garage doors. The configurator includes all the garage door variations that Lindab sells.

It includes more than 10.000 variations of the products even without taking the size into consideration.

During the configuration process dealers and end-users can select the size, bricks, colors, windows and the surface of the garage door. 

The garage door configurator includes some advanced pricing logic, meaning that the price will be based on the choices you make. You can easily adjust your selections to fit your budget and preferences.

In addition, the configurator is easy to use and streamlines the buying process by generating a detailed Bill of Material. This allows customers to purchase the garage door from their local builders merchant directly after having used the configurator.


Increase sales volume

Having a configuration tool that allows dealers and end-consumers to build their own garage door can offer many benefits to your business. It can simplify the sales process, reduce the workload of your sales team, and enable customers to create a garage doors that perfectly fits their needs and preferences. This provides unique insights into the customers needs which can be used for marketing and product development purposes.

Lindab has experienced a shorter time-to-market, higher accessibility towards customers and they have optimized a number of internal processes allowing the dealers to sell garage doors easier with beautiful visualizations. In other words, it helps them stand out from their competitors and increase their sales volume. Studies have shown that a configuration tool can increase the conversion rates by 40% on quotes and increase the average sales prices with 30%.


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