Linda Kaae Hedegaard - SCITEQ

Linda Kaae Hedegaard

Sales & Marketing assistant, SCITEQ A/S

Mercura is a great partner

At SCITEQ, we are very happy with our online configuration and quotation system that Mercura has developed for us. Mercura, has been particularly good at meeting our ongoing needs.




The company SCITEQ A/S, which sells test equipment for the pipe industry, has for several years used agents from all over the world as a sales channel. SCITEQ has had a desire to get a better overview of the performance of agents and internal salespeople and the expected sales pipeline.

In addition, there has been a desire on the part of the agents and sellers to be able to create uniform and attractive offers with SCITEQ’s products. The system can therefore be used as a kind of mini-CRM and CPQ-System.


Mercura has with its CPQ software made it easy for agents and internal salespeople to create, edit and export offers with version history and in SCITEQ’s own offer template. It increases sales efforts and productivity, and at the same time provides transparency, forecasts and the possibility of follow-up.

It is a standard product that is easily installed and integrated with the company’s other systems.
An offer system for industrial companies at its best.

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