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The company Bonne Låse & Sikring ApS has had a desire to digitize the business through automation tools. In this connection, we have worked with the following challenges:

1) Automatic loading and feedback of orders

Bonne Sikring regularly receives orders from customers by e-mail, which must be entered in Order Management. At the same time, more and more customers want to get feedback on the tasks.

2) Key system for Locksmiths

Locksmiths spend a long time finding the right key and documentation when they go out to a given address.

3) Form for ordering keys on the website

Ordering new keys has partly required a lot of support, and it has also been a cumbersome process for the customer to have to order a new key.



Mercura has helped Bonne Låse & Sikring ApS to become among the industry’s frontrunners when it comes to digitization. It has facilitated the administrative work and improved the customer experience.

1) Automatic loading and feedback of orders

The orders must be forwarded to a special e-mail, and then they automatically go into Order Management. In addition, customers automatically receive feedback on when the tasks are performed.

2) Key system for locksmiths

Mercura has created an app with a key system so that locksmiths can look up an address on the go and find all relevant information.

3) Form for ordering keys on the website

On the website it is now possible to order a new key. Here, the customer must upload pictures of the broken key, and it can be chosen whether it is to be picked up or delivered with GLS. Upon GLS delivery, a parcel label is automatically sent to the customer

Nøglebestilling - Bonne Sikring
Nøgleopslag - Bonne Sikring

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