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Pioneering product excellence for manufacturers

When it comes to thriving in the intricate world of manufacturing,precision, efficiency, and innovation reign supreme. Mercura's Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution for manufacturers is here to revolutionize how you engineer, configure, and quote your products, ensuring unwavering precision, accelerated sales cycles, and superior customer satisfaction.

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Unveil manufacturing success!

Join the league of industry leaders who have embraced Mercura's CPQ solution to master product modeling, streamline quoting processes, reduce errors, and deliver tailored solutions that customers demand. Embrace Mercura CPQ, and let's redefine your manufacturing excellence.


What do we offer?


Increased Efficiency

Streamlined processes lead to quicker quote generation and reduced errors, saving time and resources.


Optimized Performance

The system's optimization capabilities that result in better product performance and resource utilization.


Visual Clarity

Real-time visualization that aids understanding, reducing miscommunication and costly revisions.


Data-Driven Insights

The system provides valuable sales data and insights for strategic decision-making.


Revenue Growth

Upsell options and value-added accessories that boost sales revenue.


Competitive Edge

Respond faster to market demands and stay ahead of competitors.

Empowering manufacturers with

Generating accurate and persuasive quotes is essential to winning over B2B customers. Every customer inquiry or requirement change demands swift quote revisions to prevent prospects from turning to competitors. Inaccurate or inconsistent pricing across quote revisions can erode customer trust.

Empower your sales team with a solution that turns product variance from a challenge into an opportunity, using a user-friendly interface that creates a shared product definition capable of generating millions of viable and profitable product variants seamlessly.


With Mercura you get:

  • Automatic translation of customer needs into technically sound solutions and 100% accurate sales Bill-Of-Materials
  • Connection between your product architecture and customer needs or sizing.
  • Possibility for your sales staff, partners, and even customers to configure complex products flawlessly using understandable questions.

Why choose us:

  • 01 Tailored Optimization

    Whether it's minimizing weight, maximizing eco-friendliness, or optimizing performance, Mercura's needs-based complex product configuration ensures the right solution for your customers. These configurations not only simplify product sales but also enhance the service you provide.

  • 02 Validation for Precision

    Before presenting it to the customer, validate, simulate, or calculate the configured product in an external system to ensure it aligns with customer expectations.

  • 03 Performance in Complexity

    Selling large, interconnected systems can be challenging, but Mercura's CPQ allows you to split complex configuration challenges into manageable components, avoiding performance bottlenecks. Sales reps can reorder and rearrange these components while ensuring a valid overall system configuration.

  • 04 Constraint Resolution

    While the configurator makes implicit selections based on constraints, it respects explicit user choices. In cases of conflict, Mercura's CPQ configurator presents conflict resolutions and alternatives to users, eliminating errors.

  • 05 Instant Sales Insights

    Enjoy instant updates of the sales Bill-Of-Material, customer net prices, and product visualization after every user configuration selection. Even if your sales Bill-Of-Material is extensive, Mercura supports multi-leveled BOMs.

  • 06 Mass Configuration Mastery

    For customers selling numerous configurable products within a single opportunity, Mercura's Mass Import/Export features save valuable time by handling batches of configured products collectively.

Product modeling excellence

Within our system, you can seamlessly integrate your product structure from your PLM system. This includes Assemblies, Sub-assemblies, Positions, Modules, Parts, Domains, and Attributes. Imagine reusing modules and assemblies across various configurations, such as employing standardized gear components for different car models. This not only simplifies product modeling but also significantly reduces maintenance efforts for your Mercura product model. 

Dive into
product excellence

Upsell with ease

Boost your offerings by adding accessories to the primary configured equipment, increasing the quote's value. Mercura ensures compatibility, and our catalog includes products from third-party suppliers, turning your CPQ into a marketplace for value-added accessories.

Visualize for impact

Real-time product visualization after each configurator selection empowers sales teams and customers to better understand complex configurations. Add automatic generation of 2D and 3D drawings and CAD files for any configured product to maximize the value of your CPQ investment.

Flexible line item management

Your sales reps gain the power to build offerings with flexibility, copy and import successful quotes, configure products, suggest alternative line items, and establish hierarchies within quotes that feature multiple line items, all through Mercura's capabilities.

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