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Mercura ESG Insights:Paving the Way for Sustainable Manufacturing

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Measure and Reduce   Your Product's
Environmental Impact

Mercura's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Insights is designed to help manufacturers automate and scale the calculation of their products' environmental impact. This tool not only enhances transparency for customers, companies, legislators, and investors but also promotes sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Addressing Key Sustainability Challenges 

Manufacturing has a significant climate impact, spanning production, transportation, usage, and end-of-life phases.

Often, the most substantial impact occurs outside the direct control of manufacturers, known as Scope 3 emissions, which are generated during product use or material extraction.

Accurately calculating and transparently communicating this footprint is increasingly demanded by legislators, customers, investors, and employees. The challenge lies in scaling Life-Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for unique products, customers, and usage scenarios.

Capabilities of Mercura
ESG Insights 

Instant Footprint Calculations

Mercura ESG Insights integrates seamlessly with Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) systems, providing real-time footprint data for every configuration selection. This empowers informed, environmentally conscious decisions throughout the product selection process.

Optimize for the Lowest Carbon Footprint

Customers can choose the most sustainable options by optimizing the entire product configuration for the lowest carbon footprint. This feature enables a balance between sustainability goals and investment considerations.

Balancing Sustainability with Cost

Our instant pricing feature assigns a price tag to each environmentally-friendly product selection, allowing buyers to weigh sustainability against other investment parameters seamlessly during their purchasing journey.

Transparent Carbon Footprint Reporting

The estimated footprints generated by Mercura ESG Insights can be included in quote documents and used for ESG reporting, significantly reducing compliance costs. This transparency makes the environmental impact of products as visible as their price

Business Benefits of Mercura
ESG Insights

Foster industry innovation and produce more sustainable products
through transparent climate impact reporting.


Cost Reduction

Automate and scale LCA calculations to reduce costs and enhance the quality of ESG and Scope 3 reporting compared to manual processes.


Revenue Increase

Mercura CPQ houses data not found elsewhere, including sales cycles, quote versions, and the link between customer needs and Bill of Materials (BoM).


Enhanced Branding

Attract knowledgeable and motivated employees, entice investors, and secure better funding by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

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