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Mercura CPQ Pricing


Preserving Profitability in Complex Manufacturing

Deliver accurate, instant, and first-time-right prices for every product configuration with Mercura's CPQ Pricing solution, designed for manufacturers requiring precision, flexibility, and agility in pricing complex products.

Navigating your
pricing challenges

Secure valuable clients faster with precise pricing estimates, overcoming the challenges of highly individualized product offerings that delay business.

Revolutionize your sales strategy with Mercura's CPQ Pricing capabilities, ensuring the speed and accuracy of pricing estimates are your competitive edge in a market where personalized product variants and complex pricing structures decide the game. Sell with certainty and quote with confidence, meeting the challenge of securing valuable clients in a landscape of increasing personalization.

The benefits of our
pricing features

Elevate your pricing strategies, protect your margins, and confidently serve your customers with Mercura's CPQ Pricing solution.

  • 01 Precision Pricing

    Mercura's solution ensures that quotes always feature the latest product options, prices, and legal terms, providing clients with accurate and trustworthy quotes from the start.

  • 02 Flexibility in Pricing Models

    One-click quote generation provides clients with accurate estimates swiftly, expediting the sales cycle and giving them a competitive edge in responding to inquiries and changing requirements.

  • 03 Instant Price Calculation

    Comprehensive technical solutions and detailed offerings, complete with price adjustments and discounts, are at the core of the solution, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions early in the deal.

  • 04 Margin Control

    Every quote can reflect the client's brand identity, as customizable document templates in Microsoft Office programs ensure a consistent and professional presentation.

  • 05 Versatility Beyond Quotes

    Leverage the system for various sales-supporting document types, enhancing their ability to communicate technical specifications, contracts, pricing reports, and more to customers.

  • 06 Flexibility for Sales Success

    Sales representatives gain flexibility with Mercura CPQ, adjusting quotes to fit specific scenarios, such as including or excluding quote chapters or incorporating their own materials.

Migrate margin risks

A holistic holistic approach is taken, considering various aspects from product details to manufacturing, shipping, installation, and services.

Maintaining control over end-to-end operations becomes seamless, allowing for accurate customer net price calculations in quotes. By anticipating downstream surprises, a dependable deal margin is secured. Accurate and first-time-right pricing conveyed to customers early in their buying journey fosters confidence and trust.

Flexible and robust price models

A wide range of price models and methodologies are supported through Mercura's comprehensive solutions.

  • The price engine factors in geographic markets, customer segmentation, sales channels, and variable cost drivers such as volatile currency rates, material costs, and shipping expenses.
  • We accommodate one-time, recurring, and usage-based pricing within the same configured solution.
  • Various price adjustment types, including order size discounts, rebates, attribute-based pricing, payment discounts, customer frame agreements, deal discounts, and more.

Instant pricing
at your fingertips


Continuous Data Integration

Efficient and low-maintenance global or local price revisions are ensured by Mercura CPQ's separation of price logic and data. Base prices can be imported through regular batch jobs, with validation by Mercura before release to front-office sales tools, allowing for rapid adaptation to market changes and ensuring sales teams do not use outdated price lists. Decisions on the applicability of price revisions to ongoing opportunities can be managed on a global scale.

Mixed Price Types

For those selling subscription-based services alongside capital equipment, Mercura's Subscription Pricing* enables you to define optimal services for the configured product, contract length, volume fluctuations, and discount structures. This information allows for the calculation of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and Annual Contract Value (ACV), contributing to your pipeline and revenue forecasts.


Automatic Margin Control

Automatic margin control ensures profitable quoting for any configured product, with Mercura's solution allowing for varying automatically approved margin levels across different sales reps or roles. Multi-step escalation and approval workflows are in place for deals requiring deviations from default margin levels.

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