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Need to develop your next IT project?

The benefits of having Mercura develop your next project

Mercura er super konkurrencedygtige i SMV-segmentet og kan hjælpe jer til et godt IT-projekt hurtigt og billigt.

Fulfilling your wishes

The project will only be handed in when all your wishes have been fulfilled. We are happy to contribute sparring to the functionality.

A lot of experience

Mercura has helped many SMEs with custom IT projects, and therefore you can safely leave project management to us.

High return on investment and short payback time

The software projects we are involved in usually have a shrt payback time.

1. The beginning

The first step is to take a meeting where we uncover your needs or idea. In this way, we will give our bid on how this can be solved with our experience from many other projects.

Mercura - Softwareprojekt
Mercura - Softwareprojekt

2. Start-off meeting

Based on the initial meetings, we will now be able to prepare the specifications for the project as well as provide an hourly estimate. Our IT solutions will always be built in different phases, where we initially try to create a “minimum viable product”, so you can get started.

3. Review of project plan

Once a final agreement has been reached, we will hold a start-up meeting with you, where we will present the project plan to you. Here we will talk the order of the work tasks in through in order to shorten the “critical time”.

Mercura - Softwareprojekt
Mercura - Softwareprojekt

4. The actual preparation of the project

All major IT projects are developed at different intervals in a few weeks, after which we hold a follow-up meeting and present our results. Here you will regularly receive reports that tell you which functions have been developed. In addition, it will be possible to follow the progress of the project through burndown charts.

Mercura uses an iterative approach, which means that we prepare all processes at the same time. It allows us to release a beta version already at 10-20% completion, which we can get tested..

5. Thoroughly tested end product

The handover takes place when all tasks have been completed and tested. Now the project is 100% ready to be implemented.

Mercura - Softwareprojekt

See examples of previous customer cases

"We got Mercura to develop a system where locksmiths can look up an address on the go and find the key that suits them. Development was fast, cheap and hassle-free."

– Keld Bonne

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