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Enhancing sales efficiency

Boost your win rates and streamline the sales process with Mercura's CPQ Quote and Document Generation solution. Enable sales representatives to effortlessly generate precise, compelling, and branded quote documents, securing B2B deals in today's competitive landscape.

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Enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness with Mercura's CPQ solution—delivering data-driven, detailed, and brand-customized quotes. Its flexibility streamlines collaboration for efficient multi-channel sales operations.

Overcome Quoting Challenges with Mercura

Winning B2B customers hinges on the ability to generate accurate and compelling quotes rapidly. Swift responses to inquiries and requirement changes are critical to prevent customer drift to competitors, while consistent pricing across revisions maintains customer trust.

As your product offerings become more individualized, manual quoting becomes slow, error-prone, and cumbersome. How many times have your sales representatives copied old quotes to new customers, inadvertently including outdated product features and prices? How often have prospects walked away due to delays in generating solutions and cost estimates from your sales engineering department?

Leave behind the era of manual quoting with Mercura CPQ's automated quoting solutions.

What do we offer?


Data-Driven Precision

Ensure the latest product options, prices, and legal terms are always at the forefront of your quotes, providing clients with accurate and trustworthy information from the outset with Mercura's solution.


Effortless and Rapid Quoting

Accelerate the sales cycle and keep competitors at bay with one-click generation of accurate quotes, enabling swift responses to inquiries or changes in requirements, and enhancing client experience.


Rich Detail Early in the Sales Process

Empower informed investment decisions with comprehensive technical solutions and detailed quotes, including price adjustments and discounts, provided upfront in the deal process.


Branding and Document Customization

Align every quote with your brand by customizing document templates in Microsoft Office programs for a consistent, professional appearance.


Versatility Beyond Quotes

Leverage the system for a range of sales-supporting documents, from technical specifications to contracts and pricing reports, enhancing communication with customers.


Flexibility for Sales Success

Give flexibility to sales representatives, allowing them to adjust quotes based on specific situations, including the ability to include or exclude shipping, discounts or add their own materials.

Streamlined collaboration and


Say goodbye to endless email threads. Use Mercura Proposal Collaboration to share quote revisions with customers, including 2D and 3D drawings.

All quote revisions for a deal are centralized for your customer's procurement team, allowing them to log in, respond, comment, and upload their documents as part of the deal. Simplify the buying process and maintain a structured approach with Mercura Proposal Collaboration.

Support across all sales channels

Maximize quoting volumes and amplify order influx with Mercura CPQ Quote and Document Generation, adaptable for Direct Sales, Resellers, and Customer self-service. Enable unique quote structures and branding for each reseller within your CPQ to tailor the sales experience.


Constraint Resolution

While the configurator makes implicit selections based on constraints, it respects explicit user choices. In cases of conflict, Mercura's CPQ configurator presents conflict resolutions and alternatives to users, eliminating errors.


Instant Sales Insights

Enjoy instant updates of the sales Bill-Of-Material, customer net prices, and product visualization after every user configuration selection. Even if your sales Bill-Of-Material is extensive, Mercura supports multi-leveled BOMs.


Efficient Project Sales Collaboration

Large deals often require a team effort. Mercura CPQ offers robust collaboration tools, including comments, concurrent editing, dashboards, and notifications, ensuring your sales projects run efficiently and smoothly.

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