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Mercura CPQ Visualizations

Bring your products to life with superior visualization technology.

Experience a new dimension of product interaction with advanced visualization technology. Gain competitive edge by showcasing intricate details and custom configurations with unparalleled clarity.

Discover the benefits of visualization for manufacturing companies

Photo-Realistic Visual Fidelity

Photo-Realistic Visual Fidelity

The interactive tools allow clients to explore products in great detail, creating an immersive experience and the ability to tailor the product's context for different applications and customer segments.

Real-time 2D and 3D Visualization

Real-time 2D and 3D Visualization

Instant updates enhance every selection, offering clients a comprehensive understanding of configurable products for more informed purchasing decision

Drag-and-Drop Configuration

Drag-and-Drop Configuration

Effortless drag-and-drop interactions allow for easy product configuration while ensuring product integrity, simplifying the visual configuration process.

Augmented Reality Integration

Augmented Reality Integration

Visualized products come to life in real-world contexts on tablets or mobile devices, showcasing how the configured product fits and functions in its intended environment.

Effortless Sharing

Effortless Sharing

Share configured product visualizations effortlessly via direct links or QR codes, streamlining the process across multiple platforms and browsers.

Seamless Integration into proposals

Mercura CPQ Visualizations empowers your organization to

  • Effortlessly embed configurator software screenshots
  • Showcase the product from multiple angles and zoom levels
  • Reflect the exact individualized product the customer has requested, down to the smallest detail.
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Best in class and
fully integrated

Discover the defining features that make Mercura the premier visual configuration software for your organization.

  • custom-designed for manufacturing, free from distractions or irrelevant gaming features
  • everything you need is seamlessly integrated into one streamlined solution
  • smooth operation across new product releases.

How Mercura CPQ Quote and
document generation benefit
manufacturing companies?


Increased Conversion

Our 3D configurator simplifies communication of your full product potential, fostering trust across all channels by making the sales process more transparent and building credibility.


Accelerated Sales Velocity

Visual product configuration tools facilitate communication of your product's full potential to various members of a procurement team, expediting the sales cycle.


Reduced Errors and Risk

Visual Configuration establishes mutual understanding between you and your valued customers, reducing order errors, rework, and warranty claims.


Lead Generation

Create an awe-inspiring and engaging entry point into your portfolio of individualized products, attracting prospects before they reach out to your sales department.


Enhanced Remote Selling

Share a configured product with prospects and allow them to experience it online or through Augmented Reality on-site, boosting sales of complex industrial equipment.

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